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L.A.B. Sports Development, powered by SportsMarkit, is a company designed to promote hard work, dedication, discipline, perseverance, focus and teamwork in today’s youth through the use of sports skills training and applying what is learned into our leagues. Since our beginning we have worked with 100’s of youth between the ages of 4-18 and have seen tremendous development in each of these students. We strive to help develop the youth involved in our program into well-rounded individuals athletically, emotionally, spiritually, and academically. Our goal is to build a fundamental foundation as stepping stones to become successful individuals in today’s society.
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Basketball Rules: Mens League

Men’s League Rules: Basketball


    1. Game time is determined by the Official Game Schedule.  
    2. Game time is forfeit time.
    3. Each team will receive one 10-minute grace period for the season and will not carry over into playoffs.
    4. Teams may start and play with four (4) players during the regular season.  Teams must start and play with five (5) players during all play-off games.
    5. Games are played in 2 twenty-minute halves with a running clock. The clock will stop on timeouts, injuries and the last 2 minute of the 2nd half for all whistles. In the second half, the clock will only be stopped on whistles if the game is within 15 points. If one team leads by 15 points or more in the final two minutes, the clock will run until it is back under 10 points (See Mercy Rule below).
    6. Teams will be issued two 30 second timeouts per half
    7. Halftime will be three minutes and warm-up times are five (5) minutes if available only.
    8. Overtime will be three (3) minutes with one time out. Time outs may be carried over from the second half.  The clock will stop in the last 1 minute. The length of a second overtime will be two (2) minutes. The third (3rd) overtime will be sudden death (except for playoffs).
    9. Playoff Game Overtime: The first overtime will be three (3) minutes. All other overtime periods will be two (2) minutes. There will be no sudden death in the playoffs. The clock will stop the last minute of all overtime periods.
    10. Mercy Rule – If a team leads by 15 points or more at any time under 2 minutes in the second half, the clock will only be stopped for timeouts and injuries.


    1. Players may only sign and play on one (1) team.
    2. Team Rosters MUST be set by Week 3.
    3. Profanity will not tolerated.
    4. No “DUNKING” is allowed before or after games.  Offending teams will be given a technical foul.
    5. Players will be disqualified on their 6th personal foul.
    6. 2 Technical fouls, 2 Flagrant 1 fouls, 1 Flagrant 2 foul or any combination results in ejection. Any player ejected from a game AUTOMATICALLY sits out the next scheduled game and may be subject to additional penalties depending on the severity of the action.  This is non-contestable!
    7. Any technical foul results in 2 free throws and resume play at the point of interruption.
    8. Any flagrant foul results in 2 free throws and the ball to the offended team.
    9. A team may advance the ball to half court after any time-out in the last 2 minutes of the game, IF REQUESTED.
    10. During the last shot of multiple free throws or the first of a bonus free throw, the players in marked lane spaces may move into the lane at the release of the shot by the free throw shooter.
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